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Transportation & Logistics

Supply and demand are key to every industry, but without transport and logistics, this wouldn't work.

The Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence are catalysts for digital transformation in the transport industry. Every part of the transportation industry is impacted by safer, more efficient and smarter transportation systems. To manage these changes and evolving new business models, professionals in this industry are essential.

Executive Positions::
Finance Director, Head of IT Management Service, International Sales Manager - Supply Chain Management
Transport Administrator, Production Planner and Purchase Specialist, SAP Senior Inhouse Consultant, Business Intelligence Engineer, Dispatcher airfreight, Dispatcher sea freight, Logistic Manager, international Transportation Manager
Hired postitions total::
General logistics companies, airlines, parcel service,  technical maintenance company for rolling stock fleets
DNL, Gfco, Austrian Airlines, EuroMaint, Baltic Miles, Schenker, TNT, Svoris
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