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Talentor Estonia

From finding the most promising candidates to choosing the best employees, to coordinating and evaluating compensation systems, and consulting on all things HR: Talentor Estonia is your specialist in the manufacturing, construction, real estate, and FMCG sectors.

About us

Employees are a company's driving force. Recruitment is one of the most important decisions facing a business. Successful recruitment leads to further success and new opportunities. Using our recruitment services, you find the best employees. We offer the following recruitment services:

Direct search: This method is useful in situations where there are too few suitable candidates or it's difficult to find the right person using traditional search channels.

Database search: During recruitments, our consultants come across candidates who are not suitable for the corresponding position, but who remain in our database. We have a lot of information about them, and can evaluate their suitability for another position.

Advertised search: We advertise in various media channels using the right mediums to find the right candidates.

If necessary, we use the combination of all three techniques.

In July 2004 Marit Antik established the company which became Talentor Estonia. In 2006 Marit joined the Talentor Group as the first partner in the network.

Our partners and team

Annelli Salminen
Partner and Consultant

Anneli Salminen is a partner and consultant at Talentor Estonia. She joined Talentor Estonia in May 2021 and will become the main shareholder by September 2021. She will maintain the business operating under the brand name Talentor Estonia. Anneli has many years of experience in talent acquisition in different companies. Anneli graduated from Audentes University with a degree in international business and she holds a bachelor degree from University Tartu in Psychology.

Recruitment Consultant

Insights from a global network

Gertraud Eregger —
June 2022

Talentor Global Client Case: woom - Pedaling Fast to Be the World's Leading Manufacturer of Children's Dream Bicycles

Silke Ploner, Senior Sales Consultant at epunkt, discussed insights and expansion plans for her client woom during Talentor's partner call end of May.

Video interview tips for candidates

Requesting a video along with an application from candidates is becoming more common for companies. Here is a guideline how to get started on filming your CV.

Video Recruiting Part I

Video interviews for recruiting are on the rise. “Thank you for the interview, it was really nice to meet you!” Did they really meet, as one was in Estonia and one in Romania? These kinds of situations are getting more and more typical in recruitment business.

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