Video Recruiting Part II

by Sabine Steiner in — September 2015
The job market can be highly competitive in some business areas and professions. To stand out from the crowd, one option for candidates is to create a video resume to accompany the traditional CV.

Video interviews: Recorded interview during face-to-face interview by recruitment consultant

This type of video interview is great opportunity for recruitment companies to present the final candidates to the clients. It also makes the overall collaboration process much easier. Sending clients a visual presentation is much more representative than presenting materials of the matching candidates only in writing.

In order to carry out this kind of interview, the recruitment consultant, together with the client, prepares approximately 3-6 video-interview questions that are the most relevant concerning candidate’s professionalism and personality. If there are requirements for different language skills then some questions will be asked for example in Finnish, German or another foreign language. During the face-to-face interview the interviewer records 1-2 short video-clips not longer than 3-4 minutes.

The Recruiting Software eRecruiter used by Talentor Network enables uploading the videos to the external candidate’s presentation portal. Besides other written materials from the candidates (CVs, motivation letters, consultant’s summary, tests etc.), the client can watch and listen the candidate's video-presentation as well. This is like meeting the short-listed candidates face-to-face. Seeing and being seen is extremely important, and video interviews give people a better way to present themselves, both verbally and nonverbally.

Talentor Estonia has been using this solution since 2006 and the feedback from our clients has been very good.

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Pre-Screeing Tool for the perfect match

A video resume is not a replacement for the traditional resume. It should give an opportunity to be noticed by employers and let candidates to speak about himself/herself in a more attractive way than just in writing. Employers might use it as a pre-screening tool to evaluate the applicants “fit”into their company, also compare with their attitudes and values. These days, the labor market requires that a resume be as creative and unique as possible and provide potential employers with more insight into what an individual has to offer. A video CV helps applicants directly address why they should be considered as a perfect match to the position.

Example of video resume: Nick Belling Video Resume/CV

As a summary, when using above-mentioned video-opportunities make sure to identify what is important in your recruitment process and you will benefit from using one or all of those solutions.

The main benefits you will get in any case:

  • Saving time
  • Reducing recruitment costs
  • Widening opportunities for getting candidates from all over the world
  • Employer has more visibility and attractiveness for talents
  • Candidates are more close and attractive to employers
  • Recruitment process will be more effective

Important issue for every country: Recruitment law must be followed.