Charitable Work in Nepal

by Sabine Steiner in — September 2017
When Talentor partner Gert Groenewoud turned 50, his friends kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he already had all the things that he wanted. What he really desired now was the chance to do something meaningful. Gert wanted to invest his time, money, and energy in helping others. But how could he find the right opportunity?

One Month for a Worthy Cause: Talentor Partner Gert Groenewoud Has the Adventure of a Lifetime

An Electrifying Encounter Sparks an Idea

Gert was talking about his dilemma with John Exel, a friend, active rock climber and Capgemini SAP expert. John listened to Gert and his wish to contribute and suggested to get in contact with Pim Horvers. Pim and John are friends where it comes to rock climbing and John knew about Pim his Micro-Care Nepal initiative. This connection would change Gert's life in ways he never could imagine. In Europe, when we think of electrical grids, we think of large power plants connected to a grid that networks an entire region or country.

In remote, developing areas, building such a centralized electricity grid is too time-consuming and expensive to do quickly. Mini-grids make it possible for small communities to enjoy the benefits of electricity quickly and cheaply.

A Fascinating Backdrop with a Tragic History

Nepal is nestled in the Himalayans between India and China. It is a country of stunning natural beauty that has been rocked in recent years by tragedies both man-made and natural. Until 2008, Nepal was a Kingdom ruled by a capricious royal family and torn apart by war. In 2015, a severe earthquake struck the mountainous country, leaving 8,500 people dead and 21,000 injured.

Pim explained the situation to Gert and what Micro-Care Nepal does to help the people of Nepal build a better future for themselves and their children. Gert knew in his heart there was only one option: “I told Pim I would do whatever is needed!”

A Life-Changing Journey with Surprises

In 2016, Gert travelled to Nepal to take part in projects organized by Micro-Care Nepal. He witnessed first-hand as the donated time and resources reached deserving recipients and changed lives. It was especially gratifying to work together with teachers and pupils to build a better future together.

It was not just hard work, though. Some may be surprised to hear that the weeks in Nepal were also full of laughter, joy, and celebrations. After all, there is hardly anything more meaningful and joyful than people working together on a common cause. By the end of his time in Nepal, Gert knew for sure: he wanted to go back in 2017!