Introducing Talentor Poland

by Sabine Steiner in — November 2020
Get to know Solid Bridge, our partner in one of the most dynamic markets in Europe in this interview with Co-Founder and Managing Partner Leszek Stefanuik.

What Are Typical Projects for Talentor Poland?

Most of our projects are for mid and top-level managers. At the same time, we are well set up to recruit specialists, too.

Who Is a Typical Client for You?

Most of our clients are international corporations with a strong structure in Europe. Solid Bridge Solutions is ready to support and cooperate with every organizations in the need of trustworthy partner with our individual approach for fulfilling recruitment needs. Thanks to that approach we have gained the trust of the biggest international organisations operating in many sectors, as well as smaller companies that are high performers in niche markets. Our specialized approach and experience allow us to follow dynamic market trends and delve into sectors and industries as experts.

Do Any Surprises Await Foreign Companies Recruiting Specialists and Managers in Poland?

The salary range among professionals varies enormously based on the region they are in. Foreign organisations are generally pleasantly surprised by the high skill level and occasionally disappointed by the English level and the resistance to relocating, even within the country. Polish companies tend to give their specialists the title of “manager” – so a what might be more commonly known as a “key account manager” in other countries is called a “sales manager” in Poland.

What Is Your Favourite Thing about Living in Warsaw?

I really enjoy the professional opportunities afforded by living the capital city. This, of course, is also reflected in the offerings for spending your leisure time.

Why Did You Decide to Join the Talentor Network?

We had been looking for the network that would connect us to other recruiters around the globe - recruiters who share similar values and pay the same attention to detail when it comes to quality that we do. We were looking for a network for sharing both projects and know-how. Talentor was simply the right fit.

Tell Us a Little about Your Management Team Outside of the Office

Piotr loves motorcycle racing in different countries combined with travel. Leszek is a travel addict with strong belief that spending money on travel makes you richer in all sorts of ways.

Talentor thanks Leszek for this interview and invites you to view the Talentor Poland location page.