Introducing Talentor Singapore

by Sabine Steiner in — March 2019
Talentor is continuing its rapid growth! We are pleased to welcome Talentor Singapore into our network. Managing Partner Vijay Ryan gives us the scoop on our latest partner and executive search in Singapore.
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Vijay, how did you get in the executive search business?

I’ve been running businesses for several years. Our clients appreciated our professionalism and honesty and encouraged us to form an agency to help them with their employment needs. This company was formed in 2012 and we got our license to practice as an employment agency in 2013.

Tell us a little about the typical profiles you recruit.

The employment agency market in Singapore is very competitive. Therefore, we are open to all profiles, but our forte is the healthcare industry and we are also specialised in the engineering and construction sectors. IT is an up-and-coming speciality for us. Our top clients include hospitals, nursing homes, engineering companies, and schools.

Emp Sg Vijay Ryan

What surprises foreign companies the most when they are recruiting specialists in Singapore?

The language skills are a positive surprise. The employment agency market is very highly regulated. Each employee must be trained and approved, and the ethics rules are very clearly laid out.

Singaporean agencies are very experienced and well connected throughout the region. The strong currency means that citizens from surrounding countries are eager to work in Singapore. That is why we are so well connected with agencies in neighbouring countries.

All the big multinational corporations have locations in Singapore. Most agencies have experience working with at least one of them. Singaporeans are used to living in a multi-racial country, so problems are rare. We do have language issues with new foreigners.

Why is Singapore so successful in attracting foreign companies?

Singapore is a hub for almost everything, making us one of the most competitive countries in the region.

The trifecta of location, highly developed physical and legal infrastructure, and business-friendly government policy make Singapore the ideal location for companies entering East Asia.

Vijay Ryan

What are your favourite things about living in Singapore?

I enjoy living in a country where everything is so well organised. The city is alive 24-7 and yet it is a safe place to life. Public transport and connectivity are excellent. It is a multi-cultural society with entertainment filled nightlife and so much more.

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network?

At the end of 2017 we worked on rebranding and our business direction due to the increasing number of profiles and candidate requests from different industries and countries. We knew we wanted to pair up with an international partner that shares our work ethic.

In Talentor we found a partner that shares our ethics and our vision.

Vijay Ryan

Conversations with other Talentor partners have already strengthened this impression. We are sure we have found a well-established network that will help us take our company to the next level.

How do you like to spend your leisure time?

I am passionate about travelling and a car buff. I also work in voluntary welfare organisations and enjoy playing Football Manager.

Talentor thanks Vijay for this interview and invites you to view the Singapore location page for more information!