We are now in Colombia! Introducing our new partners Arquitectura del Talento

by Sabine Steiner in — April 2024
At Talentor International we are very proud to put one more pin on the map of the Latin American territory! We believe in the enormous potential and professionalism of this region and that is why we are very happy to enhance Talentor's presence in South America, especially in Colombia, and we have found our ideal partners for this.

Let's learn more about “Arquitectura del Talento” our new partner based in the beautiful city of Medellin (Colombia) and its CEO Andrea Estrada here!

Talentor Colombia Arquitectura del talento Team Andrea Estrada

¡Hola Andrea! Our Talentor Community is very excited to know more about you and your company! To start with, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am 42 years old, I have been married for 20 years and I have a son named Tobias. I am a communicator by profession and an entrepreneur at heart! I love learning, interacting with people, and developing products and services. I love to look for different ways of doing things and I really enjoy creating projects.

I am an Organizational Communicator, I have a Master in Human Resources Management, a certification in Coaching and I am currently doing a specialization in Leadership.

We want to get to know you a little more personally, do you have other hobbies or activities that you like to do with your family?

I love to have gatherings with my family, most of them around food and celebration! I also like to see new places, go for walks and enjoy simple things in life. I am a tireless reader!

What led you to found Arquitectura del Talento?

The desire to belong. I had been working as a freelancer for some time and although I liked it a lot because of the flexibility it gave me, I wanted something that would give me stability and the possibility to develop myself.

At that moment my partner and I took very seriously this opportunity that we created day by day with effort and determination.

Would you like to share with us the most important lessons you have learned during your career?

There are many learnings and many stories around this 11-year project. One of the things that has been most difficult for me personally is “to let go”. By this I mean people who have accompanied us, clients who are no longer aligned with our services, suppliers and people in general who at some point have been part of this story. This reaffirms to me the finitude of things, but sometimes it has been hard for me to let go, however, I have also learned to see them as very nice opportunities for change.

What advice would you give to your younger self or anyone just starting out in their career?

I would tell them that the human being is such a perfect machine that can be reversed, that at any time you can start over, that you can mix your passion with your profession and that they should develop the ability of self-learning day to day.

You have spent your entire career in recruitment and executive search. What do you like most about this sector?

The great opportunity to learn about the job market and to meet people from all organizational levels, professions and cultures!

What is the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in Arquitectura del Talento (ADT) for clients and candidates?

I would highlight the flexibility and the ability to understand our customers' needs.

What is the typical profile that your team recruits?

In general, middle and senior positions in medium and large companies. The positions change according to supply and demand. In recent years we have held positions in Commercial Management, Marketing, Human Resources, General Management and Operations.

Who is a typical customer for you?

Medium-sized organizations that are starting to formalize their processes and large companies that are expanding their structure.

What would you recommend to companies that not only want to recruit great talent, but also to retain them?

They should be very clear about what their value proposition is for the candidate and how far they can move and build their team's retention expectations on this. That they enhance their employer brand and that they have very clear and fast induction and knowledge management processes.

Blog 2024 Talentor International Medellin Colombia Arquitectura del Talento

What would you highlight about the Colombian market to our partners, clients and global candidates?

The talent, resourcefulness, and work capacity of Colombians. We are people who have a difficult history as a country and this has taught us to be resilient.

What surprises foreign companies the most when recruiting in Colombia?

I think that one of the things that foreign companies may encounter is a culture that seeks a friendly, cordial and respectful treatment. It is not as direct or as concrete in the workplace as it is in other countries. This is very nice, but as always there are two sides of the coin.

What have you learned from working with people from other cultures?

I think when working with people from other cultures is to understand that it is not personal and that there is a greater responsibility to try to understand the culture and adapt the ways of communication so that it can work.

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network?

We have a very strong desire to expand our company and our brand and we have found in Talentor a network of allies to help us grow not only for the business we do, but for the amount of learning we can do!

Personally, I am very excited and motivated to be part of this network, because I find myself seeking to have the opportunity to have an international perspective of the business and that we find a team where through ethics and respect we can do business that benefits all stakeholders.

At Arquitectura del Talento, we are an open-door organization that has the desire to share and collaborate with companies around the world and we see in Talentor a perfect fit for this!

Arquitectura del talento Colombia ADT Team

Thank you Andrea for sharing more about yourself, Arquitectura del Talento and Colombia! We are very happy that you and your 100% women-powered team are part of our network and we are sure that you are a great asset to Talentor and to our partners, especially to strengthen the Americas region. We are sure that many cross-border projects and collaborations will emerge!

Learn more about Arquitectura del Talento (Talentor Colombia) here.