What is Embedded Recruitment: Definition and Benefits

by Amina Baždar in — October 2023
Are you looking to hire new employees quickly and efficiently? Want a recruitment process based on best practices and agency expertise but tailor-made to fit your internal processes?With Recruiter on Demand, you can have your own outsourced recruiter – your personal sourcing and recruitment partner. Recruiter on Demand can Support you in establishing HR and TA operations in cases of scale-up or continuous hiring processes.
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What is Recruiter on Demand: Definition and Benefits

If your internal recruitment team requires additional assistance or if your organization has limited resources, consider it as “renting” a group of recruiters to strengthen your in-house talent acquisition abilities.

Recruiter on Demand offers you the flexibility to select the timing and duration of talent acquisition services according to your specific requirements.

Some key elements of this model include:

  • Full-time availability of dedicated recruiters for 1-2 months;
  • An option of two weeks replacement guarantee for an outsourced recruiter if the recruiter doesn’t fit your needs;
  • Recruiters on Demand focus on finding candidates who fit well with the company’s culture and values.

Benefits of embedded recruitment

  1. Access to Expert Recruiters
    Recruiters on Demand are experts with well-established connections in the job market. These recruiters will enhance your internal hiring teams by providing hiring resources to attract the most qualified candidates.
    The greatest advantage of on-demand recruiters is their ability to integrate into your current talent program and utilize your existing technologies without causing any disruption.
  2. Greater Reach
    The on-demand recruitment process enables you to extend your reach to a broader audience, thanks to the technology tools utilized by the recruiters. Recruiters on-demand help you to streamline the recruitment process.
  3. Fast Hiring
    By leveraging on-demand recruiting, you can expect prompt and efficient hiring. Recruiter on Demand service is flexible and eliminates the need for long-term commitments, allowing you to decide whether to adopt it on a one-time basis or re-engage with it in the future as per your requirements.

When should you engage a Recruiter on Demand?

You need a Recruiter on Demand when:

  • Your company is growing quickly, and you don’t have enough internal recruiters to keep up;
  • Many employees are leaving unexpectedly, and you need to fill their roles;
  • Your hiring needs are unpredictable, and you want occasional support for your internal hiring team;
  • You need to quickly fill one or more specific positions;
  • Looking for qualified candidates to add to your pool of potential hires.

Popcorn Recruiters' success story

Anida from Popcorn Recruiters (Talentor Bosnia and Herzegovina) worked for 3 months as a recruiter on demand for the company DDC Outsourcing Solutions.

DDC is a company that has been in operation since 1989, providing value-added services in various international locations. They have a highly skilled team of over 5,000 professionals.

They needed a recruiter on demand, and Anida joined them as support in finding qualified candidates.

In addition to providing assistance with recruitment, we also extended our support to their marketing campaigns.

Her daily tasks included:

  • Screening and interviewing candidates
  • Reporting to hiring managers
  • Selecting and shortlisting the best talent
  • Giving feedback and sending final offers
Popcorn Recruiters Talentor Bosnia and Herzegovina Team Amina Bazdar

Amina Baždar

Recruitment Marketing Associate