Executive Search

Do you need to fill some of the key positions in your organisation? Are you afraid that the advertising or recruitment agencies fail to deliver adequate results? Do you need to contact potential candidates quickly, discreetly and efficiently and to address the really best ones?

Then the time came to use the Executive Search services, it is the time to call the Headhunters!

Imagine that whenever you need to find a new employee, you rely on a trustful  partner. Imagine that you have a supplier that knows you and your company and understands your culture and needs. Imagine hiring employees without difficulties.

Talentor Advanced Search can help you achieve a state where you do not have to worry about your hiring processes any more. At first glance, our Executive Search services may not seem to differ from the competition too much. However, our clients describe their experience with us as significantly different.


How are we unique?


The Search: wide-ranging sourcing channels

  • Modern recruitment methods including an active network of "agents" - Talent Agent Network.
  • Extensive own database of candidates and contacts.
  • Intensive usage of professional and leisure social websites.
  • Classic headhunting (direct search) done by experienced team of researchers and consultants.


The Selection: exact methods in the hands of experienced professionals

  • Stable team of consultants with extensive executive search experience.
  • Performance Based Hiring - accurate and efficient methodology of selection and recruitment.
  • Top-notch psychological diagnosis and referencing techniques.


Excellent service at a good price

Fixed price per assignment without the fees depending on the remuneration of the selected candidate.

Guarantee in case of termination of employment with the selected candidate (free we find a replacement candidate, or refunding the fee).

Strict off-limit policies.


International cooperation: Talentor International continually expand geographically

Talentor Advanced Search also actively operates even in locations where Talentor group does not have its own branches. In recent years, we have successfully executed assignments in locations such as Western Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and the Middle East.

Classical Recruitment

Do you feel the need for streamlining your recruitment processes? Are you not satisfied with the quality and quantity of responses to your job advertisements? Or, to the contrary, do you have to go through a considerable number of (rarely relevant) CVs? Would you prefer to meet relevant, motivated and high quality candidates only? Do you want to add an added value to your recruitment process? Do you want to have a guarantee in case the selected employees do not meet your expectations?

If you think about finding a reliable, high-quality recruitment partner, you are at the right place here! Our Classical Recruitment services will help you optimise your recruitment processes.

Imagine a fast and efficient recruitment with SLA-based quality guarantees. Imagine that all your job offer can reach a large number of relevant candidates. Imagine the time and cost savings you can reach through smooth outsourcing of your recruitment processes. Imagine hiring employees without difficulties.

Classical Recruitment is suitable for clients who search for graduate-level to middle management position candidates.

Our consultants and researchers identify and approach the right candidates whose profiles match your requirements. Subsequently, the consultants meet pre-selected candidates in person in order to present you the most suitable candidates. Every successful candidate is presented via written assessment containing the biography of the candidate, consultant's evaluation and another relevant documentation.

We use various wide-ranging sourcing channels such as advertising, database research, social media, networking, referencing etc..

Our candidate selection methods are based on the Performance Based Hiring (POWER Hiring) methodology. We assess candidates based on  CV and other documentation analysis, "internet trace" analysis, telephone pre-screening interview, personal interviews and structured reference checks.

HR Consulting

Talentor Advanced Search has a wide offering of human resources consulting services. Our services aim at sourcing and recruitment optimisation, diagnostics and auditing, training and development, retention and downsizing management.


On-line psychological diagnostics - we are a Bridge Assessments distributor.

Bridge Assessments psychological diagnostics consists of a complex personality screening, aptitude testing (general cognitive skills), sales potential testing and an on-line 360 ° assessment tool.


Assessment Center

It is a method that can assess multiple candidates at one place and time through a series of standardised interactive tasks and situations.  These include individual and group problem solving sessions, presentations, role-plays and other tasks, precisely reflecting the real working situations.


Personnel and management audits & Process Consulting

Talentor offers a wide range of personalised, customised services in the field of HR consulting. We work with individuals (coaching, mentoring, shadowing ...) as well as teams and organisations as a whole (surveys and programs to increase the satisfaction, process and personnel audits, optimisation projects etc.).



Outplacement is a form of personal-psychological assistance to dismissed employees. Outplacement programs (both individual and group-to-mass projects) are there to ease out the downsizing process, help the dismissed employees with orienting at the labor-market and to reduce negative influences downsizing has both on the terminated employees and those who stay with the company.
Our consulting services are always tailored to the specific needs and situation of our clients. Therefore, it may be difficult at this point to fully describe our portfolio. In case you want to know more about our HR consulting practice, please contact us.

Payroll outsourcing

Outsourcing your company’s payroll processing function frees up resources, including valuable human capital, and allows you to focus on and engage in projects that add value to your business. We offer extensive experience in outsourcing the payroll processing function including all related administration. We have a track record of delivering accurate, cost-effective payroll services since 2009.

Value Added Services

- fast and accurate payroll processing

- HR administration processing including labor-law advisory consulting

- representing clients at government authorities and health insurers

- transparent cost policy

- liability insurance

- 100% perfection - no fines or penalties charged since the beginning of providing payroll services back in 2009


How to start a career as an engineer!

Gehard Staehler talks about his experience in recruiting young engineers and explains how you can sucessfully set up a career as an engineer. Furthermore he gives advice how to avoid mistakes in the application process. The most important message is: Preparation is everything! Try to see your career as a longterm project that requires several steps. … read more

>> Gerhard Stähler



We are transparent and thus you will find contacts of all of our consultants on this site.

In matters of business cooperation, please contact the our Country Manager Tomas Prajzler.

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Time and energy of top HR consultants.

Efficient recruitment and consulting projects management in Czech Republic and abroad.

Inspiration by new trends and our innovative approach.


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