Talentor Advisory Board

by Sabine Steiner in — November 2018
“The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.” Oscar Wilde

To further our mission to develop Talentor into a global executive search network, increase the visibility of the Talentor brand and strengthen cooperation between Talentor partners, we rely on everyone in our network. Five Talentor partners, outstanding individuals, are going a step further, coming together to form our advisory board. Each member has a different background and represents a specific group of Talentor members. They help us realize our mission, provide us with strategic advice, and assist us with their network. Furthermore, they define Talentor’s strategy together with Talentor International management to ensure that the network meets its members needs in a timely manner

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Talentor China Team Michael Wang
Emp Cz Tomas Parjzler
Emp Fr Tugdual Blanchet Bw
Empl US Ken Schmitt

Advisory Board Members

Gunita Smirnova

Talentor Latvia

Gunita Smirnova is a partner and senior consultant at Talentor Latvia. She has more than 20 years of experience in Human Resources Management, both in managing HR internally, and in providing HR and business consulting in Latvia and Central Europe in areas such as talent assessment and development, leadership, change management, conducting surveys and improving effectiveness. Gunita has gained professional experience in international organisations such as Fontes, Deloitte and AAS Balta. She develops and runs trainings, seminars and workshops for companies as well as human resource professionals. Gunita also works as a lecturer for organisational psychology students at the University of Latvia and MBA students at Riga Technical University.

Michael Wang

Talentor China

Michael has 18 years experience in executive search. He’s the founder of Talentor China - Reno Consulting, an unique China-based HR consultancy with high standards on service quality and professional ethics. Michael and his team have successfully placed numerous candidates, who have become the real assets for our global clients.

Tomáš Prajzler

Talentor Czech Republic

Tomas brings 18 years of international search experience to Talentor International's clients. He earned an MSc. in Psychology (summa cum laude) at the Charles University in Prague, and has broad industry and functional expertise, ranging from C-level functions to specialization in the fields of life sciences, banking, and finance. Tomas has an excellent track record in international searches all across the globe. He is fluent in Czech and English.

Tugdual Blanchet

Talentor in France

After studying Law and Economics, Tugdual embarked on the first part of his professional career in the Navy with the Marine Fusiliers. He then joined the network of an English bank before moving into recruitment, joining an Anglo-Saxon firm. He began by searching for profiles specialized in finance. In 2004, attracted by the entrepreneurial adventure, he co-founded MacAnders where he contributes to the development of the B2B Services and industrial specializations. In addition to his duties as associate director, Tugdual is also the secretary general of MacAnders. Tugdual is fluent in English.

Ken Schmitt

Talentor Partner in USA/California

Ken Schmitt is the founder of TurningPoint Executive Search in San Diego, California. As a fellow entrepreneur who grew up in a self-employed household, he has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of small businesses and the impact that a highly effective sales & marketing leader will have. With over 21 years of experience, he founded TurningPoint Executive Search in 2007. We recruit locally and nationally, placing top-notch sales, marketing and executive leadership talent. With deep experience in every industry, we are able to tap into a broad talent pool for every client, granting them access to top-performing professionals.