How to start a career as an engineer!

by Gerhard Stähler in , — June 2016
Gerhard Staehler talks about his experience in recruiting young engineers and explains how you can successfully set up a career as an engineer. Furthermore, he gives advice how to avoid mistakes in the application process. The most important message is: Preparation is everything! Try to see your career as a long term project that requires several steps. Do not leave anything to chance!

The 3 most important steps for career starters

Emp De Gerhard Staehler

1. Period of orientation:

Ask yourself the following questions at the beginning of the job search (or already during your education):

  • What would I like to do?
  • What professional and personal skills do I have?
  • Where do I want to apply / which companies are interesting?
  • What do I offer the employment market? Think about a good self-description, what are the assets of your personality and your technical know-how?
  • What problems do you solve for potential employers?
  • Which companies would need my expertise?

2. Period of „active“ application:

Send your application not only to companies that have posted a job offer but also to those companies that are interesting to you.

  • Find out what companies might be interesting (large corporations or medium-sized enterprises, national or international)
  • Do not send mass applications!
  • Your cover letter should be authentic and creative in its approach. It should briefly summarize why you are the right candidate for this position.
  • Your resume should not contain any gaps, use longer periods of job search for active times for training or volunteering. Give a brief overview of the last positions and what you did there. The description “technical employee” is not enough.

3. The interview:

Take the advantage of this personal meeting to convince the company of your personality and professional skills. Remain authentic and open in communication.

  • Research the business sector, products and services of your potential employer.
  • Practice the interview situation with friends and family.
  • Think about questions to ask about the company or the role. Write these down – otherwise you will forget them in the heat of the moment.
  • Punctuality is the politeness of kings!
  • Dress code for the interview: Find out what is usual in this business (suit & tie or jeans & jacket). Your clothes are essential for a good first impression.
  • Communicate your salary expectations clearly in advance. Never ask for more in the interview.
Watch the Video in German language: Gerhard Stähler about the most important steps for a successful career