Celebrating 10 years of Servitalent!

by Alberto Fernández Varela in — January 2024
Our Spanish partners, Servitalent, are celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and as they mention it has been an adventure since its beginning in 2014. The Servitalent team continues to work tirelessly to offer innovative solutions in the field of executive search and recruiting, both, nationally and internationally. So, let's celebrate with them and discover more about their decade-long trajectory in this article by their CEO Alberto Fernandez.
Blog 2024 Talentor International Servitalent Team 10 Anniversary

We are celebrating a decade of commitment, excellence and passion for talent at Servitalent. Since we began this adventure in 2014, we have worked tirelessly to offer innovative solutions in the field of executive search, selection, interim management and talent development, both, nationally and internationally.

During these 10 years, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of companies from different sectors, of various sizes and locations, mainly in the industrial field, helping them find the best professionals for their teams. We have witnessed the growth and success of many people who have trusted us to boost their careers. Each achievement of those we have supported fills us with pride and drives us forward in our commitment to provide exceptional service.

In recent years, we have enjoyed and learned a lot from our international expansion process thanks to our integration in Talentor International, where we have experienced firsthand the importance of cultural diversity in business relationships. We continue to grow as a company and as professionals with our partners every day.

During this time, Servitalent has established itself as a benchmark in the talent market, thanks to our people-centered approach, with a firm commitment to quality in all our business processes, with a global vision operating outside our borders, betting on constant innovation and adaptation to the changing needs of the business market and its difficulties related to talent. Undoubtedly, our team of highly qualified and committed professionals, with the capacity and motivation to reinvent themselves every day, has been key in this path of growth and consolidation.

In addition, we cannot fail to mention the importance of technology in our daily work. Digitalization has been a fundamental pillar in our evolution and is part of our DNA as a company, allowing us to reach more people, offer more efficient and customized solutions and even have launched in 2021 our youngest daughter, Apptitudinal, as a spin-off to strengthen our value propositions already as a business group.

But beyond business achievements, what really fills us with satisfaction is the positive impact we have had on the lives of so many people. Seeing a candidate achieve his or her professional goals, or a company strengthen its team with exceptional talent is what motivates us to keep growing and improving every day.

We get up every day exclusively for that.

For all this, we want to thank all the people who have trusted us throughout these 10 years. To our customers, suppliers, collaborators, international partners, partners and, of course, to our incredible team, both those who are with us and those who have been with us, thank you for being part of this incredible story!

Looking ahead, we are excited for all that is to come. We will continue to work with the same passion and dedication to remain a strategic ally for companies and professionals in talent management.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Servitalent! And may many more years of success, growth and great achievements to come!

Want to be part of the celebration?: Watch their video!