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As the world of work becomes more robotized and digitized, strategy plays an ever-larger role. Organizations looking for more professionalized processes for attracting and evaluating talent find it in Saltor Talent.

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Shaping future business

Emp Es Inaki Saltor Bw

Iñaki Saltor


Iñaki Saltor is the founder of Saltor Talent. Connecting and managing talent is not only his profession, but also his passion. His more than 15 years of experience in the industry have shown that talent management is the key to the success of business projects. Iñaki is specialized in Europe and Latin America, and he addresses every process and every service with an open-minded vision, to which he adds high professionalism, rigor and proximity.

Emp Es Silvia Burdoy Bw

Silvia Burdoy

Emp Es Alessandra Olivares Bw

Alexandra Olivares

Emp Es Alice Kervevan Bw

Alizée Kervevan

Emp Es Katrina Lauritzen Bw

Katrina Lauritzen

Research Consultant
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We select managers and future managers, prepare them for change, and help companies strategically implement changes using a people-based approach.

We accompany the final candidate in his or her new professional challenge. To do our boutique concept justice, we establish close, long-term ties. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools give us the ability to:

  • Track our candidates optimally
  • Manage knowledge for choosing the best channels to find candidates
  • Continuously improve and innovate from process to process.
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The top 5 reasons high performers quit their jobs!

While working on the processes of searching and selecting, recruiters and head hunters discover on daily basis new reasons why employees change jobs. While this is still somewhat of a taboo issue, after establishing a relationship with the candidate, they will likely tell you the main reason why…

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Inaki Saltor and his team did an excellent job. We hired the best candidate for the CFO position.

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