How to stand out from the crowd – creating an extra-ordinary candidate journey for global talents?

by Gertraud Eregger in — February 2024
We’ve been analyzing the candidate journey and expectations of a global hire, and want to share the key success factors for your next hire:
Talentor International Blog 2023 Candidate Journey

Sourcing the world’s best

When sourcing global talent, it's essential to take a comprehensive approach that considers the unique aspects of attracting candidates from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Full Channel Approach: Sourcing global talent requires a multi-channel strategy. Utilize various platforms and resources to reach a broad and diverse pool of candidates. This includes international job boards, professional social networks, local recruitment agencies, and even employee referrals.
  2. Personalized Communication: While AI and automation can assist in initial outreach and screening, personalized messages often generate the best response rates. Craft tailored messages that highlight the candidate's unique skills and experiences and how they align with your company's needs.
  3. Connect with Their Story: Engage with candidates on a personal level by showing a genuine interest in their background. Learn about where they have worked and lived before and connect with those aspects of their experiences. This demonstrates that you value their individual journey and are not just interested in their qualifications.
  4. Offer a Conversational Experience: One effective way to engage with global talent is to offer a 30-minute chat or conversation. During this time, share insights about your company, its culture, and the impact they can have within the organization. Also, provide information about the city or location where they would work. This conversation not only helps candidates understand the role better but also gives them a glimpse into the company's values and the local environment.
  5. Highlight Cultural Inclusivity: Showcase your company's commitment to diversity and inclusion. Highlight initiatives that promote an inclusive work environment and emphasize that you value diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Global talent is often drawn to organizations that prioritize diversity and foster a welcoming atmosphere.
  6. Be Mindful of Cultural Differences: When engaging with global talent, be sensitive to cultural differences in communication styles, interview processes, and expectations. What may be considered appropriate or effective in one culture might differ from another. Adapt your approach to ensure it aligns with the candidate's cultural background.
  7. Address Immigration and Relocation: Global talent often faces challenges related to immigration and relocation. Be prepared to provide information and support regarding visas, work permits, and the practical aspects of relocating to your city or country. Offering relocation assistance can be a significant incentive for top candidates.
  8. Clear Communication: Make sure your communication is clear and easy to understand. Language barriers can be a challenge when sourcing global talent. Ensure that your job descriptions, application process, and all communication are accessible and inclusive.
  9. Show Long-Term Career Potential: Global talent often seeks opportunities for long-term career growth. Showcase your company's commitment to professional development, advancement, and global career opportunities. Emphasize how their journey within the organization can be long-lasting and fulfilling.
  10. Respect Time Zones and Schedules: When scheduling interviews or meetings with global talent, be mindful of time zones and scheduling constraints. Flexibility in this regard can make the candidate experience smoother and more respectful of their personal and professional commitments.

An outstanding recruiting process needs to be crafted step by step

Creating an outstanding recruiting process for global talent is crucial for attracting and retaining top candidates from around the world.

Here are some key strategies to build a recruitment process that stands out:

  1. Information and Transparency: Providing clear and detailed information about the job, company culture, and the recruitment process is essential. Transparency builds trust with candidates and allows them to make informed decisions about their application.
  2. Efficient Decision-Making: Global talent often has multiple opportunities and may be exploring options with other employers. To keep candidates engaged and interested, avoid long delays between major decisions in the recruiting process. Streamline your decision-making and communication to prevent talented candidates from losing interest.
  3. Gratitude for Patience: Acknowledge and express gratitude for candidates' patience if your recruitment process takes longer than expected or involves multiple stages. This demonstrates your appreciation for their commitment and resilience, which can leave a positive impression.
  4. Engage with Multiple Stakeholders: Global talent often appreciates the opportunity to interact with more people within the company beyond just the Hiring Manager. Consider involving team members, potential colleagues, or leaders in the interview process. This provides a more holistic view of the company and the role.
  5. Ask Me Anything Session: Offer candidates an opportunity to participate in an "Ask Me Anything" session, especially when they are relocating from another country. This session can be conducted with current international employees or HR representatives who can address questions related to the company, city or country, immigration, housing, or any other topic candidates may have concerns about. AMAs provide a forum for candidates to have their specific questions answered, offering valuable insights and building trust.
  6. Streamlined Application Process: Make the application process as user-friendly and efficient as possible. Simplify the steps, eliminate unnecessary requirements, and provide clear guidance on what is expected from candidates. This ensures that the process is accessible and doesn't discourage applicants.
  7. Responsive Communication: Timely and responsive communication is crucial. Keep candidates informed about the status of their application, next steps, and any potential delays. Ensure that questions and concerns are addressed promptly.
  8. Offer Flexibility: Global talent may have unique needs, such as relocation assistance, visa support, or adjustments for remote interviews. Be flexible in accommodating these requirements to make the process smoother for candidates.
  9. Candidate Experience Feedback: Seek feedback from candidates about their experience during the recruitment process. Their insights can help identify areas for improvement and refine the process for future candidates.

The most critical phase – the offer phase

You can only win…when you double down on transparency.

  • Salary is key: salary is a key factor, especially for global talent relocating to a new country. Ensure that your offer is competitive and reflects the cost of living in the candidate's new location. Clearly outline all aspects of the compensation package, including base salary, bonuses, benefits, and any relocation assistance. Addressing these details early in the process can help candidates make an informed decision and reduce uncertainty.
  • Personal wins: call, ask for feedback, offer a clarity session.
  • Relocation is a thousand times more complex when we move families and continents: Demonstrating your commitment to making their transition as smooth as possible is a strong selling point – if not one of the strongest.
  • Radical honesty is attractive: Be transparent if e.g. child care is a challenge, and how you will be able to assist in finding all options locally. Otherwise, the candidate and family may detect difficult surprises early on anyway.

If I will walk 500 miles,…moving is a process of a thousand steps.

You want the candidate to fully focus on your goals and solving your challenges from day 1. So, any investment in making the process easier will 100% pay back into the organization’s time and later-on a smoother onboarding.

4 facts to remember, when you help a global talent and eventually family right now through a complex move:

  1. Investment in this process pays off and gives time and space to fully focus on job.
  2. The first 90 Days are THE key success factor for the later success. Trust is built, first wins, the foundation for the next years.
  3. Logistics support, admin support: BASIC. This is for most companies a given, and your competitor might offer that without a big deal.
  4. Coaching, emotional support, leadership guidance, mentoring: MAGNET. This shows that you as organization has fully understood the complexity of global moves, and that any leadership and mentoring can only fasten and ease the integration – and in the end the impact and contribution at work as well.

The first 90 days will determine the success of the next years

  • We’ve created a wishlist of a global hire, and give you the option to check if you are a magnet for global hires already. You can download the list of experiences here.
  • Exceptional onboarding experiences are spread in the community! This might lead to the next hire!
  • It’s a business case to move people to a new job, and especially when the family moves too. The cost of assignment failure is 3x the annual salary if the hired candidate will leave after short time.