Introducing our new partner Carrington Associates in Australia

by Sabine Steiner in — October 2022
We are thrilled to introduce our new partner in Australia Carrington Associates. Get to know our new partner in this interview with Managing Partner Sachin Khisti.
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What is your company´s USP for clients and candidates?

For our clients, our USP definitely is the flat fee structure based on the salary slabs and not a certain percentage of the salary. Furthermore, we have a 6-month guarantee period for senior placements.

Our candidate’s advantage is that we are mobile, and we will find a time and location that is convenient to the candidate so that he or she does not need to take time off work or travel to attend an interview. Moreover, CarringtonX Associates consultants will travel to interview potential candidates and we are providing resume assistance and interview training to candidates.

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What is a typical profile that you recruit and who is a typical client for you?

We mostly recruit for technology, operations, and senior executives roles. Our clients are large Commercial businesses that are mostly in the branches of IT services, telecommunication, manufacturing, and financial services.

What led you to found your company?

I want to assist sourcing best talent suited for organizations with "value for money" fee service.

What is one thing you would recommend to companies that not just want to recruit great talents, but also retain them?

I would advise companies to listen to the talent. What challenges the talent and what growth do they see for themselves in the organization. All other benefits like flexibility and a hybrid working option are becoming very important but above that is always what is best for employees.

What are the biggest learnings from your career?

Earning your trust with honesty and transparency goes a long way in recruitment.

What advice would you give your younger self or any young person when starting their career?

Learn something new every day. Adopt new technology into your recruitment process but do not forget the personal touch, which is the most important factor in the recruitment industry.

You have spent your entire career in recruitment and executive search. What is your favorite thing about this industry?

You assist people in building, making or changing careers, and nothing is more satisfying than when you hear from your candidates and clients the appreciation for the same.

What surprises foreign companies the most when they are recruiting specialists in Australia?

The importance of understanding the local culture and finding the best fit - people need to be able to work with people in the local environment as well as cross-culturally.

Every country and every culture is different so there is no global model that works for everything.

What are the most frequent intercultural problems? What's the biggest cultural misunderstanding that you've seen?

Communication issues between individuals from different cultures.

What did you learn from working interculturally?

Be yourself, friendly, and respectful of different cultures and talents.

What is something that a foreign company would never guess about the Australian labor market?

It's a country of migrants however the local culture and being part of it is very important.

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network?

I want to develop and grow my recruitment, especially in the field of senior executive search and the Talentor network was recommended to me by a partner from India. My interactions with the Talentor team are very positive and I feel the network will add value to my business.

What do you think is great about being part of an international network / the Talentor network?

It's a great way to get an insight into local perspectives on a global map. The world is flat and nothing is more valuable than learning, sharing, and mentoring aspects in a global setting in today's time. Money can't buy that.

Tell a little bit about yourself, Sachin?

I am an entrepreneur all my life and working in various industries, mainly recruitment, software, and services. I have over 25 years of experience in the Indian and Australian and New Zealand markets. I am an outdoor person and love spending time in nature, and I love sports. I am a true foodie who loves good wine and single malts.