Recruitment Marketing: From awareness to hiring

by Manto Antoniotti Solares in — September 2023
In our profession we often have to be multifaceted. This is something very common and internalized in human resources and marketing professionals because although each of these professions has its specific knowledge, functions and responsibilities, sometimes they can be more closely linked than one might think.In HR services companies, there is a term called Recruitment marketing. Many professionals may or may not be familiar with the topic, some companies may have a marketing team specialized in it, others may not, but in the same way it is important for both perspectives to take it into account for the search and recruitment processes that they carry out. Here you will discover why!
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What’s recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the process of building and communicating organization's Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition to attract and hire top talent (individuals). ​

As many experts would say it has to be strategic and it's a process often done in collaboration with a marketing team or even diverse teams, because it seeks to have a positive influence on the human resources department or team from a global vision of the company.

What are the goals of recruitment marketing?

The two major goals of recruitment marketing are:

  • Creating awareness of a company as potential employer by showing the company core business, values, mission, vision, team, personality, etc.
  • ​Driving individuals to apply to the open positions that the company has available by communicating offers in a clear and attractive way and reaching the right target.

What’s the process of recruitment marketing?

The recruitment marketing is considered as the earliest stage of the talent acquisition process. In general, the recruiting marketing process starts with awareness for the target, then goes to the consideration and interest of the applicants for that open position. And after that, the recruiting process starts with the reception of applications, selection and hiring of the candidates by the recruiting team.

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What are the benefits of recruitment marketing?

  • Candidate experience: Thanks to a well delivered recruitment marketing process the companies and/or HR providers can improve the candidate’s experience when applying for an open position. From the design of the job portal, the correct description of the offer to the efficiency of the application process. Accompanying and guiding candidates throughout the process. Making it more of an experience than just a job application.
  • Candidate engagement: If the candidates have a good experience applying to the open positions that the company has, even if they are not a finalist or selected candidate, this professional can become an advocate or even an ambassador of the brand/company.
    So at this point closeness and personalization are key. Although today's technology allows today's selection processes to be highly automated, the human side should never be lost.

What to consider when developing a good recruitment marketing plan?

  • First of all team communication. As I mentioned before, this is a process in which many times not only the marketing team has to be involved, so it is recommended that the marketing plan for the open positions is clearly and constantly communicated.
    In the case of HR providers, it is important that the client clearly communicates the objectives, requirements or any information that will influence the decision making of both teams.
  • Second, for the implementation of the plan, it is important, in addition to a good job description, to take into account the tool, media, channel or platform in which the offer will be spread. This means to have a clear idea of the targeting, where can you find the profile you are looking for?, How does he/she behave?, What characterizes it?, etc.

The marketing actions to promote the job opening have to be well connected to who the targeting is.

  • Third, the analytics and measurements of the results. Before entering the selection part, which is already in the final recruitment process. The impact and results of the job offer dissemination strategy should be measured. How many applications were received? Did it reach the desired target? If it was published on several platforms, which of them had the best results?, etc

Sometimes we already know things we never imagined.​.. I’m sure that many human resources professionals while reading this article probably thought that although they did not have this defined, they already had an intuition for it in some way, which is great! Because our business is people. Consumers, clients and candidates constantly change, so we need to stay alert to their challenges and needs.​

Through recruitment you can make the candidate fall in love with you.​

Through marketing you can build engagement and trust (relationships).

And if you put the two together “Recruitment + Marketing” you can understand and predict the behavior of the candidates so you can anticipate to offer them what they are looking for or need.

Nobody said that recruiting had to be boring! So I invite you to develop a very creative recruitment marketing strategy to attract unimaginable talent!

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Manto Antoniotti Solares

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