Talentor Presents: Successful Job Search Strategies for Engineers

by Jochen Markgraf in — May 2017
The Association of German Engineers (VDI) takes quality seriously. That commitment came through loud and clear at their stand at the Hannover Trade Fair “SMART GERMANY.” As in years past, VDI set up the VDI TalkING-Lounge as a space for members to network and enjoy interactive experiences.

When it came time for a presentation on career advice, it’s no surprise VDI turned to Talentor Partner Kaiser Stähler. Their involvement with VDI goes back 12 years, making them a natural choice.

Managing Director Jochen Marktgraf gave a presentation entitled “Do’s and Don’ts during Job Interviews.” Attendees received a look at the job application process from the perspective of the potential employer and the recruiter.

A Range of Interesting Topics Demonstrating Expertise

Jochen’s presentation covered these topics:

  1. Finding a strategy: Should I stay in my comfort zone?
  2. Choosing and firming up the strategy: Am I a good match for the job I’m striving for?
  3. The potential employee as a product
  4. Putting the strategy into action
  5. The job interview with 3 applicant archetypes
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Candidate Archetypes: Know What Not to Do!

The three applicant archetypes were particularly interesting. Type 1 is the “Arrogant Type.” We’ve all met them before. They show little interest in the company or the job and expect to be sold. Type 2 is the “Silent Type.” The recruiter really has to drag all the information out of the candidate.

It is certainly a sign of the times that archetype 3, the “Poker Face”, has become more common. These are the applicants who have a great interview, get an offer, then suddenly ghost the recruiter. Hopefully, word will spread that transparency and openness are always appreciated, even when the candidate is pursuing additional offers.

A Wide Range of Attendees

A diverse group of people attended the presentation. This shows that this topic is interesting both for people at the beginning of their careers, and also for those with more experience.

To sum up: the presentation was a successful experience for Talentor, VDI, and all the engineers who were there.