Talentor: Now in Brazil!

by Sabine Steiner in — July 2017
Soccer, Samba, and sandy beaches may be the first things that pop into your mind when you think of Brazil, but did you know they have exceptional Executive Search companies, too? One of them, Vertico, is now our first partner in South America.

Decades of Experience

Vertico was founded by Jonathan Yung in 2013. Today he and his partner, Roberta Giuliano, manage their five-member team. The team is comprised of a blend of personalities and academic credentials in the fields of human resources, psychology, communications and management. Combined they boast more than 50 years of experience in HR and search.

The Name Says It All

The firm’s high quality standards speak to the appropriateness of the name “Vertico”, which is Esperanto for “peak” or “summit”, as does their focus on CxO and board level-search.
Jonathan got his start in Executive Search in 2005 at J. Robert Scott in Boston. In 2008, he relocated to London, where he stayed a number of years to build out the firm’s European operations before moving to Brazil in 2011. Jonathan’s extensive experience on three continents has given him deep intercultural know-how.

Renowned Clients in Multiple Industries

AirBnB and Amazon are the most internationally renowned Vertigo clients and highlight the firm’s expertise in filling positions in IT and marketing, though their experience is by no means limited to those industries. Other specialties include venture capital, telecom, private equity, and biomedical, as witnessed by clients including local champions like dr.consulta, a medical portal, and Caixa Seguradora, a bank.

In the few weeks since joining the Talentor networking, Jonathan has already proven himself to be an engaged member. This is just one more sign that our strategy of on-boarding active members in markets all over the world is working. One thing is sure: we will have a great deal to celebrate at our next partner meeting in Austria.

Team Talentor Brazil Vertico Jonathan Yung