We are present in Denmark! Introducing our new partners mpeople

by Michael Sarsteiner in — July 2024
Denmark, a country renowned for its picturesque landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. Nestled in Northern Europe, Denmark boasts a high quality of life, excellent education, and a strong commitment to sustainability. But beyond its scenic beauty and cultural treasures, Denmark also shines in the professional market.

Known for its innovative spirit, Denmark offers a dynamic and thriving market for professionals and businesses alike as a global leader in sectors such as information technology. And that is where we find the ideal partner in mpeople, a company with extensive industry knowledge, close to 20 years, who can help you find the most talented tech-specialized consultants for your company needs!

Let's discover more about mpeople our new partner based in the charming town of Skanderborg located in the heart of Denmark, and its CEO Tommy Both Juul here!

Talentor International Blog 2024 mpeople intro Tommy interview

Hallo Tommy! Velkommen til Talentor! We want to know more about you! What can you tell us?

I am 51 years old. Live in a house by the lake with my wife and 2 kids and a dog.

I enjoy biking in the gravel and the woods, and spend some time on the lake. I love music and try to stay updated, but my all-time favorites are David Bowie and Radiohead. Even though I have had a guitar in the house for +20 years, I still have not learned to play more than 3 chords. We’ll see what happens!

How does your adventure in mpeople begin?

I took over the responsibility of a company called Uni Consulting from a group of people who wanted to leave the setup. There was no running business, so it was a turn-over from scratch growing to be 30 engineering consultants in 5 years. In 2019 we were fully acquired by DIS/Creadis and merged with mpeople. So I have been acting as COO and CEO since 2020 and that’s how the story begins!

What are the biggest learnings from your career? What advice would you give your younger self or any young person when starting their career?

Reflecting on my career, one of the most significant lessons I've learned is the immense value of networking. Building and nurturing professional relationships can provide support, guidance, and open doors to new opportunities that you might not have access to otherwise. It's essential to create a community of professionals who can offer advice and share knowledge, helping you navigate different stages of your career.

Another vital lesson is the importance of seizing opportunities when they arise. Often, opportunities come unexpectedly and might seem daunting, but taking calculated risks and embracing change can lead to significant growth. To my younger self or any young person starting their career, I would say: prioritize building your network and be open to change. Embrace lifelong learning and be ready to take bold steps when opportunities present themselves, as they may only come once.

How did you land in the Executive Search and Recruiting industry? What is your favorite thing about this industry?

I started within Sales & Logistics but I educated myself within HR and that directed me to recruiting – first within logistics but for the last +15 years within Tech&IT. In the beginning, I enjoyed so much the part of meeting new people (clients and candidates), connecting and bringing them together. Now I am little bit more focused and experienced in the part of business development and running the business. But still, I love very much this industry and my experience within.

What is your company´s USP for clients and candidates?

We are Tech&IT specialists and offer different kinds of staffing-setups to make sure we find the right solution for everyone.

mpeople matches consultants with companies and technical projects. Luckily, we are good at it; 90% of our consultants get extended.

What is a typical profile that you recruit?

In our recruitment efforts, we typically look for candidates with strong backgrounds in Tech & IT, Project Management, and R&D Management.

Who is a typical client for you?

Our typical clients span a diverse range of companies and industries, primarily including manufacturers and IT service providers.

What is one thing you would recommend to companies that not just want to recruit great talents, but also retain them?

I would recommend them these main aspects: Focus and develop strong employer branding, implement hybrid work, and promote work-life balance. And finally, it is wise to accept that people will leave to have careers somewhere else. When they take this decision it’s not necessarily something personal towards you, it’s only meant to themselves and their personal/ professional journey.

What would you highlight from the Danish market to our partners, clients and candidates?

The Danish market stands out for its high salaries and high flexibility. Employees expect low control and a lots of freedom to develop in their role, they count on higher responsibility to act and to make their own decisions.

What surprises foreign companies the most when they are recruiting specialists in Denmark, in addition to the high work flexibility and autonomy of employees, is the existing low hierarchy between managers and their employees.

What are the most frequent intercultural problems? What's the biggest cultural misunderstanding that you've seen? What did you learn from working interculturally?

For an expat in Denmark, a Danes person may seem too busy and closed to meeting new people. But that’s only until you get to know them! They are very relaxed and open-minded.

Something that I would highlight is that hey are busy with work, family, hobbies and sports from Monday to Friday!

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network? How was your experience at the last Partner Meeting in Vienna as a potential partner?

We were looking for an EU/international network to join for sparring and to assist some of our client who operates outside of Denmark and that’s how I came up with Talentor.
In the recent Talentor Partner Meeting, celebrated in Vienna on March 2024, I saw a very good energy. The partners seemed friendly and stood out as a positive group of people! Afterward, I also experienced a high interest in doing business together. I’m looking forward to being confirmed and surprised by our recent partnership!

Tommy introducing mpeople to the Talentor Partners in the most recent Talentor Partner Meeting in Vienna 2024.

We thank you Tommy for inspiring us with your interview! We appreciate a lot your closeness and we hope that the Talentor Community exceeds your collaboration expectations! It was a pleasure for some of us to meet you already in Vienna, and for the ones missing to start getting to know you, this interview is just the beginning, so much more awaits us all! Welcome again to Talentor!

For more information and to get in contact with Tommy and mpeople, click here.