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Auguste Coetzer —
July 2024

How To Mitigate External Challenges That Hamper Your Career Success

To develop a mitigating strategy, we need to be clear about which factors outside our control affect our career success and our workplace sustainability.
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
July 2024

Building Stronger Futures with Long-term Partners: Introducing Talentor Estonia

Our partners from Estonia were the first ones from the Baltic region who joined the Talentor network more than 20 years ago, and we can say that it has been an incredible journey so far!
Gertraud Eregger —
July 2024

Decoding Market Insights across IT markets: Introduction to our IT Practice Group

The IT Practice Group is a global community here at Talentor International of recruiters, spanning regions from Australia to the Netherlands. Our mission? To understand the ever-changing IT job market, share insights, and elevate our recruitment strategies.

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