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SimpleLogic is a new brand, behind which there is a dynamic team of experienced and open-minded experts with 15 years of experience in IT projects, gives us knowledge how to competently and comprehensively support your company in areas related to technology.

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Gertraud Eregger —
March 2023

Talent Management – now more important than ever!

In today's environment, talent management has grown increasingly important. Organizations must offer an environment favorable to development, thriving, and growth in order to generate future leaders.
Hana Hadzic —
February 2023

Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung (Talentor Germany Frankfurt) sponsors triathlon teams of MTV Kronberg

As of beginning of 2023 Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung (Talentor Germany Frankfurt) is supporting the triathlon department of MTV Kronberg.
Julia Kreinecker —
February 2023

How much does an unfilled position cost?

Unfilled positions are a costly matter! On average, an unfilled position costs an employer 29,000 Euro. With varying degrees of success, the topic of a shortage of skilled labor has been discussed for decades. A solution to the situation, however, is currently being sought in vain. Instead, the…

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