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IT and Telecommunication belong to our everyday (business) life, and companies must accept technology as the basis for competitiveness.

Our consultants understand the dynamic, rapidly-changing technology environment, and they know which channels to use to find the right talents. Regardless of the size and the corporate culture of your business, we have the team to provide outstanding candidates to fill your management and professional search needs. Today's challenges include the use of (big) data as a competitive weapon for enterprises. Talent will be the differentiator in companies that successfully make the digital transition.

IT Talent is hard to find, engage with and hire – so we have to find different ways and channels for attracting the best people.

Our experience and projects

Executive Positions:
Software Engineering, Web Development / Publishing / Design, Testing / Audit / Release Management, Business Analysts, Consulting, Marketing & Sales Managers, Project Managers, IT Security Managers, SAP Consultants, ERP Consultants, Support Managers
Frequent Skills:
Java, C#, C++, .NET, UI, UX und Interaction Design, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, SQL, Project Management, Data Analytics, Predicitive Maintenance, Machine Learning, knowledge of various operating systems
Software Development & Services, different types of Telecom companies, Hardware & Electronic companies, Carrier Services Provider, System Integrators & IT Consultancy, Telecom-Internet & Cable TV Providers
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Blog 2018 How New Generation Companies Give Value To Talent
Sabine Steiner —
September 2018

How new generation companies give value to talent

Attracting, giving value to and holding onto talent has become one of the main concern for businesses in order to remain competitive. Companies searching for new employees must invest in the selection of candidates - trying to attract them while still in university – and focus on recruiting the best…
Blog 2018 Talentor Russia
Andy Andrews —
September 2018

An Incredible Mix of Europe and Asia: Introducing Talentor Russia

Winston Churchill once said, “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” Thanks to our new Partner in Moscow, Executive Search in this exciting market doesn’t have to be. An interview with new Talentor partner Alexandre Stefanesco.
Blog 2018 Cyber Security
Giovanna Marena —
August 2018

The Web security expert has become the strategic partner of businesses

Due to the exponential increase of computer networks and the explosion of computer connections in our everyday lives, the role of security experts becomes more and more important, in particular with regard to information security.

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As we expanded business in China Reno consulting helped us to find good skilled engineers.

Joachim Ullberg — Director Sales & Marketing Asia, APT Group