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Be confident that your candidates match your company’s goals and values. Talentor Lithuania is specialised in assessing competence and leadership qualities as part of our recruitment and executive search projects.

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Shaping future business

Emp Lt Vilija Slavickiene

Vilija Slavickienė

Partner and Consultant

Vilija Slavickienė, partner and consultant, has 15+ years of experience in HR sector. There she formed a genuine understanding of successful headhunting and recruiting processes and the crucial importance of employee alignment with company goals and values. Vilija also specialises in psychological assessment and evaluation of leadership competencies. Vilija has an M.A. in Organizational Psychology.

Emp Lt Ausra Grybauskiene

Aušra Grybauskienė

Managing Partner and Consultant

Aušra Grybauskienė is the managing partner and a consultant. She has 15+ years of experience in the HR field. She has successfully finished many search projects for top and middle management positions for different industries – wholesale, energy, production and others. She has completed 150+ search projects, and assessed 100+ managers and specialists with our competence assessment methods. Aušra holds master’s degree in Business Administration.

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AUSTRIA CONNECT Greater China 2017

The Austria Connect is one of the most important events for Austrian companies in China. This year it was held on October 26th to 28th in Shanghai.
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June 2015

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Partner Meeting in Oslo

This year, our Norwegian partners in Capus hosted our partner meeting. Partners from all 20 countries met from March 3 – 4 to hear updates about each market. Our four new partners from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia and the USA took the spotlight and gave us background information about their…

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We are grateful to Talentor Lithuania for professionally and effectively provided services to our group of companies.

Kazimieras Kaminskas — General Director of UAB Klasmann Deilmann Šilutė