Executive Search

Benefit from our innovative approaches to find the world's best senior talents. Direct Search was yesterday, now it is Active Sourcing.

Our most experienced consultants are supported by our research teams and work hard, to meet agreed upon deadlines and ensure delivery of successful assignments. We will undertake thorough candidate and market mapping to identify the best candidates in the market. This process identifies target companies and individuals and produces extensive benchmarking information, such as average salary levels and competitor information.

Advertised Search

Talentor recruitment experts are qualified to conduct advertised search operations professionally. At Talentor, we hold ourselves accountable for ensuring the highest quality of job advertisements, interviews, selection and assessment of candidates.

Talentor uses a wide range of recruitment media channels thus ensuring the selection of the most appropriate medium to achieve the best results possible in each situation. At a client’s request, an advertised search can be conducted without the company name included.

HR Consulting

Talentor HR consulting services help leading organizations confront complex business challenges head-on. Our experts provide solutions for organizations in recrutiment, comtetence matrix, organisational climate.



Organisational climate survey

Monitoring organizational climate is a practice of successful companies. A lot of experiences have been gained in the field of organizational climate measurement in the past years. An increased awareness has been achieved and a lot of good practices have been developed.


Assessment centre

Assessment provides information on the compatibility of the company and candidate in question; it has also proved to be the most objective way of candidate selection.

Before performing the actual assessment, Talentor consultants acquaint themselves with issues like company operations, description of the job in question and other factors that affect a candidate’s future success in the position. Aptitude assessment involves a psychologist conducting an interview and various psychological tests with the candidate, which allows the psychologist to draw conclusions about the candidate’s skills and personality. This might include the candidate's ability to work under pressure  to work independently to adjust  and to draw conclusions. It might also include the candidate's flexibility, willingness to develop professional expertise, accuracy and leadership skills in relation to the position in question.

Psychological testing

We provide psychological testing wheater for the selection or development puropose.

psychological test can give you overview of the canidates:

  • cognitive skills
  • personality
  • motivation
  • socail skills


Communication is the most important thing in recruiting, but also the most time-consuming element. We have identified the time wasters and eliminated them from the recruiting process. eRecruiter makes automated communication and administration possible at the right place. Intelligent features help you to boost quality in your recruiting projects. Processing information about candidates is simple and reliable, whilst the quality of support is also increased.


Vođe se (ne) rađaju

U današnje vrijeme velika se pozornost posvećuje vještinama i osobinama za koje se smatra da su ključne za dobro rukovođenje. Pokušava se pronaći jedinstveni set karakteristika koje određuju dobrog rukovoditelja. Smatra se da dobar rukovoditelj mora posjedovati stručne i konceptualne vještine te vještine upravljanja ljudima, no pitanje koje se najčešće postavlja jest: “Jesu li karakteristike … read more

>> Martina Jurkovic



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