Initiatives with global impact

by Manto Antoniotti Solares in — June 2022
In May we celebrated the International Human Resources Day (May 20th) and as Talentor we could not let this day go unnoticed.

I have the privilege of working with an international marketing team of almost 20 members from different countries from our network. And as head of the group I am excited to share that we have started to develop initiatives for the entire network that are starting to have a global impact in a positive way, being one of the first official initiatives, to commemorate the aforementioned day, the International HR Day, which we wanted to give a personal touch by calling it #TalentorHRDay.

The initiative consisted of inviting all partners around the world to share in a LinkedIn post, our star network as companies specialized in talent management, the meaning of human resources for our team. Sounds simple, doesn't it? What we were looking for was to reach out to all our communities and followers on a day that has great significance for our industry.

Well, all kinds of initiatives, no matter how simple they may be, require good planning, but above all, good communication. Without a doubt, motivation and commitment were present! We were very pleased to see the overall positive result with the participation of countries such as China, Lithuania, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, USA, Estonia, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium and more!

There were many creative results! So we could enjoy very special reflections, collages, gifs and even videos.

What did we all have in common? Talking about PEOPLE. And that is precisely what strengthens our network, each and every one of the people who conforms it.

Very soon an even bigger initiative will be shared for all our clients, candidates and collaborators! What could it be? For now we keep it to ourselves, but very soon you will be able to be part of it! 😉

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Manto Antoniotti Solares

Marketing Consultant