Inside the Industry Practice Group at Talentor

by Hana Hadzic in — June 2024
At Talentor we believe in the power of knowledge sharing and collaboration fostering among our whole community. But how can we manage to facilitate these two actions within a global community present all around the world? One of the main solutions that we developed and we see that adds full value to our network are the “Talentor’s Practice Groups”.
Talentor International Blog 2024 Industry Practice Group Cover

The Practice Groups consist of a determined series of virtual spaces in which our Talentor partners, consultants and employees gather and share frequently the best practices of certain sectors or topics according to their expertise, background, and goals within each of their companies. One of the Practice Groups that Talentor promotes is the Industry Practice Group.

We had the opportunity to talk to Matthias Dietrich, Executive Director at Talentor Austria and head of Talentor’ s Industry Practice Group so we could unravel all about this Industry group that seeks to connect Partners and Senior Consultants from different countries within our network that share the same focus on finding top talent in engineering, construction, and manufacturing.

Let's see what Matthias can tell us about this group and the importance that it has for the Talentor network and the work for our global candidates and clients!

Hello Matthias! Can you tell us what does the Industry Practice Group from Talentor consists of?

The Industry Practice Group consists of a group force of more than 20 Senior Consultants from 18 Countries all around the globe in which everyone has expertise from many years of serving clients in the industrial sector by finding the best candidates for key positions.

What does the group do for the Talentor community?

Each of us has the ambition to make the other's work easier. To this end, we exchange ideas once a month and share our experiences in order to become better professionals and better at each management search by also inciting a global positive collaboration in cross-border projects within Talentor.

What can we highlight from the group besides the industrial sector expertise?

Inside this group, we all share the opinion of a modern, open-minded management style geared towards diversity and sustainability. Something that makes the Talentor community unique!

What lies ahead for the Industry Practice Group?

Our network has expanded considerably in recent years. We need to integrate the new partners. On the other hand, we are working on supporting each other even more. Especially when it comes to major trends such as AI in recruiting, it is important to be supported by external consultants. One partner alone would probably not get very far in this area so we are here to assist them particularly when it comes to searches for top talent in the industrial sector.

What does this group bring to your company, to Talentor Austria? And what does it bring to you personally?

Austrian industry is so internationally intertwined that we, as a major recruiting partner, have to think just as internationally. And that works very well when you are in contact with colleagues from every major economic region in the world.

Personally, the Industry Practice group provides me with a good feeling of community, and many inspiring personalities and moments.

From Talentor International we thank you Matthias and the rest of the Industry Practice Group for your efforts in empowering the international executive search and recruiting of the industrial sector within the Talentor network! We are confident that with everyone’s expertise and collaboration, the group will remain stronger and we will continue to find the leaders for tomorrow!

Find this interview also in the German language here.