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by Gertraud Eregger in — December 2023
We believe that learning happens in community. Initiated by thought provoking keynotes, learning sessions and updates from everyone from the Leaders4Tomorrow Program team.
Taletor International Blog 2023 Leadership Camp Vienna Leaders4 Tomorrow Program

In autumn we kicked off the first Leaders4Tomorrow Program here at Talentor. We started in Amsterdam, and the next live workshop took place in Vienna end of November. Our colleagues from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Switzerland and Austria came to Vienna, hosted in the beautiful epunkt office.

If you fail, fail fast

There is not place on earth that is more extreme than climbing the highest mountains. In the highest mountains you need a great team, clear leadership, incredible endurance and a sense when to turn back. Immediately.

‘’If you fail, fail fast" Alois Badegruber

Our first keynote speaker is Alois Badegruber. A former professional mountaineer who has climbed one of the most dangerous and challenging routes and summits across continents. His global career made him lead teams for international sports giants as MBT, Salomon and Puma. Since the last years, he is growing Boa Technology. Boa revolutionized the show industry. Instead of tying your bike shoes, a smart dial ensures a precise fit. They not only build a global company, but they also serve now multiple industries with one solution. From work and safety shoes to snowboard shoes. He inspired us with his stories of the mountain, and with sharing his everyday challenges and moments that matter at Boa.

What else is on our handwritten notes? Be fully focused while climbing high. In sports, and in business.

One step at a time: Goal-setting and leading projects in a new way

epunkt and Talentor International have gained experience on how to succeed in projects, and how to fail in them over and over again. We asked Daniel Petri, Head of Projects & Innovation at epunkt, to share with the group the ins and outs of successful projects in our industry. Combined with the smart goal setting process of 4Dx, getting transparency into our industry and KPIs brings us much closer to actually staying on top what matters most – Margit Muik is here the expert and lead at epunkt.

From mindset, to strategy to actions

‘’I’m not a corporate guy.’’ Christian Biedermann’, who founded Coopers – our Talentor partner in Switzerland, together with Denise Stuker with the vision, to create a culture and company in recruiting that they are both proud of. A mix of passion, bravery, integrity and compassionate work culture. Where we see a growth mindset of the owners in action, and a team really engaged to make a difference in people’s lives when they change jobs. Brilliant examples of inspiring leadership, and all compassion he really lives in each growth decision he takes himself at Coopers.

LinkedIn’s wisdom in a nutshell

Davorin Barudzija is THE expert when it comes to creating value, content and meaningful connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is our world as recruiters. We spend more time on the platform than on Instagram or any other channel. Davorin made us learn insider hacks and gave advice on how to tell a story with purpose on a regular base. Over 1 billion users make the platform wild. The way to become a personal brand on LinkedIn is paved through consistency and engaging with your target group on a regular base. Inspiring, fun, what a cool session, Davorin!

Feedback is an art. Fullstop. And we need to learn it

People want to develop and grow. The seeds are feedback. Given, and received. How to give and receive valuable feedback? How to not mess trusted relationships up? How to take responsibility and deliver an important message that leads to growth, and not misunderstanding? Selma Groessl, Head of HR at epunkt, shared frameworks and real work examples with us.

‘’Feedback is clear and calm – at the same time. You are engaging in a conversation, and talking WITH the other, not TO the other person’’ Selma. Fine nuances, make all difference in this leadership field that feels a lot like art. Selma demystifies the concept, and encourages learning, listening and a clear agenda. Mastering feedback eats any strategy for breakfast.

Big thanks again to our Leaders4Tomorrow Program Cohort coming to Vienna and being part of our Leadership Camp – Nevin Schuler, Jessica Arber, Olga Khakhuda, Pernille Engvoll, Ilse Gerlagh, Sophie Looman. And of course big thanks to all our key note speakers, and Talentor and epunkt contributors behind and in front of the scenes!