Canada Joins the Talentor Fold

by Andy Andrews in — July 2020
Talentor is thrilled to welcome ExperTech to our network. With partners in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, Talentor now covers the entirety of North America. Managing Partner Themis Chrisanthopoulos offers insights into this exciting market.

What is a typical profile that you recruit?

Our primary business is the recruitment of Information Technology and Accounting & Finance professionals. We also handle some executive search mandates. In I.T., ExperTech recruits Information Security experts, Software Developers, Systems Administrators, and Application Support Specialists.

Who is a typical client for you?

Banks and Financial Services organizations, Insurance companies, Aerospace and aviation corporations are among the clients we serve most often.

What surprises foreign companies the most when they are recruiting specialists in Canada?

Canada has two official languages: English and French. Quebec is the second largest province in terms of population and its official language is French.

In executive search, our corporate clients seek someone who is fluent in both official languages, English and French.

Themis Chrisanthopoulos

This offers a unique challenge, as only 18% of Canadians are bilingual. Also, Canadians are not very mobile within their country when considering employment opportunities. Another suprise for foreign companies: Canada has an aging population. We are expecting significant staff shortages in the next decade due to baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) retiring in large numbers.

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network?

Three big reasons led us to join the Talentor network. First to market our agency in a global context. Second, to be part of a network of recruiting agencies with potential business & candidate referrals. Third, to keep up to date with best practices in recruiting around the world.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My business partner Richard likes to golf in the summer and to ski in the winter. He also loves to travel with his wife and 2 children. I love travelling with my wife and 2 children, discovering new food from different countries, cycling, and cross-country skiing

Talentor would like to thank Themis for this interview and invites you to visit the Talentor Canada location page for more information!

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