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Generations Recruitment is a Brussels-based recruitment agency specialised in Marketing & Sales profiles for more than 10 years. We have helped more than 150 companies around BENELUX in different sectors, mainly in FMCG. Our team is composed by 7 recruiters and 2 marketers. Our difference compared to our competitors is that we align clients and candidates’ purposes. This is what we call “Meaningful Recruitment”. This promise is built on an “Aspirational” vision of client’s human resource.

Our approach offers a new complementary angle to a person’s experience, skills and personality. It enables to identify the motivations and internal values of the employees as much as the desired attitudes and values foreseen by the employers. Once these new elements have been expressed, the employer can better align his people to his company’s purpose.

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Yoni Szpiro
General Manager
Domenico Curcio
Chief Marketing Officer
Helene Bozet
Recruitment Consultant
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    An exceptional solution for securing top talent for leadership positions.

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    Professional Search

    Talentor’s recruitment service has placed many of the world’s leading professionals.

Insights from a global network

Sabine Steiner —
May 2022

The Top 6 Recruiting Trends 2022

How do we want to work in the future? Working just to make money and make ends meet is out – the workforce of the future will want more. More flexibility, more meaning, more possibilities. What can you do now to position yourself as a top employer in the future? We have looked at current trends in…
Sabine Steiner —
April 2022

Riga 2022 – A Talentor reunion in challenging times

For most Talentor countries, the year 2022 began with a bang: business surged by multiples, project volumes were high, and talent markets were changing like never before. Our community also gathered for more than a year solely through MS Teams, as the industry changed into a completely virtual…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
April 2022

Launching of the third edition of the Interim Management Hiring Guide 2022 by Talentor Spain

Recently our partners from Talentor Spain (Servitalent), with a lot of enthusiasm, have launched the third edition of their Interim management hiring guide in which they present the results of a own study carried out between the months of February and March 2022, interviewing more than 350…

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