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We are a specialised software services business founded in 2005. Our mission is to design and deliver cutting edge solutions for our clients in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, IOT, Machine Learning, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence.

About us

In line with emerging technologies, at Carrington, we endeavour to teach machines to help humans become more effective at their jobs. In doing so, we are striving to build Real Intelligence behind Artificial Intelligence and are one of the very few players in the market in this space.

With our strong technology expertise and partnership with companies like IBM, Microsoft & Oracle, we help companies to reach to their highest potential.

Our partners and team

Sachin 1
Managing Director

Sachin is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in HR/recruitment, software development, offshore development and consultancy, and building startups. He is experienced in dealing with various industries clients such as Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Automobile, Logistics and Public Sector.

He has established and structured several startups from their inception to raising capital ventures across Australia, New Zealand and India. As the Managing Director at Carrington Associates, permanently involved in building new teams within organisations or at clients and offering recruitment/ team building as a service to global clients such as IBM, GHD, Hyundai.

Our services

  • Talentor Services 2 Professional Search

    Professional Search

    Talentor’s recruitment service has placed many of the world’s leading professionals.

  • Talentor Services 1 Executive Search

    Executive Search

    An exceptional solution for securing top talent for leadership positions.

Insights from a global network

Julia Kreinecker —
November 2022

Generation Z – The future is all yours!

Who is Gen Z? How do they think, feel and act in our world? What is their impact? What do they rebel for? How can employees understand the youngest generation in the job market? Gen Z, also called Post-Millenials is THE hope for today´s job market. We feel the loss of huge numbers of people across…
Gertraud Eregger —
November 2022

Millennials – our managers of today and tomorrow

The ambiguous Generation Y – leaders who are self-assured, prospering, or who are advancing in their careers. Having it all together from the outside, while internally constantly attempting to maximize purpose, impact, and time. Time being the scarcest resource.
Gertraud Eregger —
November 2022

HR & New Work – smart, flexible, and still in fixing mode?

On Day 1 of the Talentor Summit in Rome, we’ve had the pleasure to welcome a diverse team of global HR leaders based in Italy to discuss their daily challenges and we discussed what it takes today to find, motivate, and develop top talent.

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