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We are a specialised software services business founded in 2005. Our mission is to design and deliver cutting edge solutions for our clients in the areas of Cloud, Mobility, IOT, Machine Learning, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligence.

About us

In line with emerging technologies, at Carrington, we endeavour to teach machines to help humans become more effective at their jobs. In doing so, we are striving to build Real Intelligence behind Artificial Intelligence and are one of the very few players in the market in this space.

With our strong technology expertise and partnership with companies like IBM, Microsoft & Oracle, we help companies to reach to their highest potential.

Our partners and team

Sachin 1
Managing Director

Sachin is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in HR/recruitment, software development, offshore development and consultancy, and building startups. He is experienced in dealing with various industries clients such as Manufacturing, Retail, Finance, Automobile, Logistics and Public Sector.

He has established and structured several startups from their inception to raising capital ventures across Australia, New Zealand and India. As the Managing Director at Carrington Associates, permanently involved in building new teams within organisations or at clients and offering recruitment/ team building as a service to global clients such as IBM, GHD, Hyundai.

Our Services

  • Talentor Services 2 Professional Search

    Talentor’s recruitment service has placed many of the world’s leading professionals.

  • Talentor Services 1 Executive Search

    An exceptional solution for securing top talent for leadership positions.

Insights from a global network

Manto Antoniotti Solares —
September 2023

Reliving our Talentor Summit 2023 in Amsterdam

It has only been a few days since our more than 100 global partners gathered for our much anticipated annual Talentor Summit. This year the setting was Amsterdam and as our amazing hosts Independent Recruiters (Talentor Netherlands) mentioned, “Amsterdam was the place were lasting memories where…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
September 2023

Recruitment Marketing: From awareness to hiring

In our profession we often have to be multifaceted. This is something very common and internalized in human resources and marketing professionals because although each of these professions has its specific knowledge, functions and responsibilities, sometimes they can be more closely linked than one…
Polina Tarassov —
September 2023

Personality tests: the key to successful recruitment?

Did you receive a positive response to your application for that exciting vacancy? Great news! Recruiters will now invite you for a face-to-face or digital job interview. More and more organizations will also ask you to perform a personality test. But why would they do that? And from which test do…

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