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Gert Groenewoud


Gert started his career with AT&T and via PTT Post, TeleMedia and Telfort. He joined InSearch in 2006. In January 2008, he bought InSearch and managed InSearch Recruitment until December 2015. InSearch was specialized in recruiting commercial jobs for IT companies like IBM, SAP, ATOS, etc.  Beginning in January 2016, Gert advanced beyond InSearch with the ambition to work more for smaller IT companies, partner more closely with clients, and focus more on international expansion. Customers include software, telecom and services companies, the size varies from 10 (Intus, SaaS for healthcare market) to 100,000+ employees (Wipro, Capgemini, Sogeti, Quintiq).

About us

Talentor Netherlands, previously known as BoscoVerde, is a leading Executive Search agency for IT companies (software, services, hardware and telecom) in the Netherlands, BeLux, UK and the Nordic region. We have a strong focus on startups, scale-ups and disruptive software companies. We are commissioned by prominent organizations to fill positions through headhunting. Our focus is on commercial and consultancy positions ranging from mid-career to senior management. Our clients are IT organizations and IT end user divisions.

Talentor Netherlands stands for a professional approach, personal commitment, passion and pleasure. This is the ideal combination that leads to the desired results for your organization and your career. Our focus, experience, passion and commitment make us a unique and authoritative executive search agency in the technology sector.

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Blog 2017 Nepal
Gert Groenewoud —
September 2017

Charitable Work in Nepal

When Talentor partner Gert Groenewoud turned 50, his friends kept asking him what he wanted for his birthday. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that he already had all the things that he wanted. What he really desired now was the chance to do something meaningful. Gert wanted to…
Blog 2017 New Partner Denmark
Sabine Steiner —
July 2017

Dahl & Kjærgaard – A NEW partner in Denmark

Stop the presses! There is exciting news from Denmark. One of the best executive search companies in this Scandinavian country joined Talentor in June 2017.
Blog 2017 Candidate Experience
Sabine Steiner —
April 2017

A New Paradigm for Recruiting – Candidate Experience

Managers and entrepreneurs have ambitious and demanding goals. They know that the right team is critical to success. After all, recruiting the right employees is the greatest force multiplier that managers and entrepreneurs have. Yet many leaders struggle to find and win over the specialists they…

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Gert has proven to be a trusted search partner that combines speed, quality and drive to bring us great candidates.

Frederik Kunst — Director of Sales N-able at Solarwinds