Executive Search

Our goal is to attract the most suitable candidates to the senior and middle-level management or qualified specialist vacancies announced by our client organizations. To accomplish this, our consultants carry out a thorough study of the needs of the client organization, create a job profile, choose the most appropriate strategy for attracting and assessing candidates, carries out an extensive market research, thus attracting those candidates who are not actively seeking for a new job, and finally carries out an in-depth psychological and professional evaluation of the candidates.


International Search

Talentor provides a qualified candidate search throughout Europe by conducting a coordinated and internationally managed candidate search in various countries, which enables the clients to choose candidates for their organization not only from the local market, but from a wider region.


Candidate / employee evaluation provides an organization with information to make a quality decision on the candidate / employee suitability to the position, neutral and objective assessment according to the same evaluation criteria, a clear picture of the development needs, allowing to create a broader understanding of the employee talents and potential, as well as a neutral feedback on competence assessment. Thus, evaluation provides answers to questions about the suitability of employee / candidate competency to the requirements of the position, their strengths and development areas, as well as a way to make a more efficient use of employee potential and whom to promote.

In order to provide evaluation, we use the competency-based or behavioral interviews, personality and intellectual ability tests, role plays, case studies and other methods.

Talentor Latvia is a partner of the international testing and research company Profile International. In assessing competencies, we use Profile XT test which helps to determine the suitability of the employee to the position and effectively plan development.

Profile XT test is based on three assessment sections:

  • Thinking style – ability to cope with intellectual demands of the job;
  • Behavioral characteristics – ability to feel comfortable in a particular working environment;
  • Professional interests – motivation to do such a job.

360 ° Assessment

360 ° Assessment provides the organization with a unified evaluation system, a clear picture of the manager / employee development needs both on individual and team level, identifies the strongest competencies, provides managers / employees with feedback and creates a basis for further development.

As the main assessment tool, Talentor Latvia uses Checkpoint 360 ° which is an efficient, multi-level evaluation method created for promoting professional development of managers. The evaluation process summarizes the manager's self-evaluation, as well as the different competency and personality aspect evaluation given by the line manager, subordinates and colleagues. As a result, a versatile feedback that describes the manager’s profile reflecting the strengths and weaknesses and development recommendations, is created. In addition, Checkpoint 360 ° is a method adapted in Latvia and provides a computerized data processing and presentation of results.

Competency System

Competency System is consistent and clear "rules of the game" or the competencies necessary for each position: skills, abilities, knowledge, personality traits, values and attitudes. It is a reference system for personnel management processes related to recruitment, performance evaluation and development, as well as a structured approach to identifying and implementing learning and development needs.

Talent Management

Talent Management helps to purposefully identify and develop employee talent and potential, promoting employee efficiency and motivation, which also contributes to the growth and objectives of the company. During the talent management process, our consultants help to identify the professional competencies and areas of responsibility (positions), which have a significant role in successful and long-term development of the company, as well as in establishing business processes and work environment that attracts and retains talent in the future.


Coaching is based on an approach which provides the client with an opportunity to become aware of the resources and objectives, promotes the development of the possible problem solutions, helps to assess risks and develop a practical plan on achieving the set objective. During the consultation the client is encouraged to take the responsibility for resolving the situation and act independently.

The main task of the coach is to help the client or the team of the client organization to discover the potential, to structure and accurately formulate thoughts, goals and desires, to draw up an action plan for achieving the set goals, as well as support and motivate during the course of their implementation through personal and organization value realization.

Talentor Latvia coaches are members of ICF (International Coaching Federation) and are trained according to the certified training programs of this professional coaching organization.


Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching allows a better use of the management talents and potential, promoting the performance and productivity, creativity and learning, increased motivation and improved teamwork in the organization, as well as increased openness to personal development and learning processes.


Outplacement demonstrates the organization's contribution to the employees' well-being, strengthen the current employee motivation and loyalty by promoting a positive employer image and ethical behavior of the organization in accordance with the declared values. For employees outplacement provides clarity about the future career goals and ways to achieve them, assessment of personal competencies and awareness of their strength and development areas, as well as knowledge of the job search tactics, skills for successful performance in a job interview, increased self-esteem and confidence in negotiations with the potential employers.

Exit Barometer

Exit Barometer is an objective view of the factors explored by a neutral party that contributes to or discourages employees to remain in the organization. Exit Barometer provides recommendations for improvement and if necessary also support for their implementation.

Personnel Audit

Personnel Audit provides an independent and neutral assessment of the company personnel management system or a separate personnel management process in the light of its efficiency, quality and compliance perspective, an analysis of the organization's strengths and risks, as well as recommendations on preventing the risks, improving the processes and increasing the efficiency. The most valuable benefit of the personnel audit is personnel management processes that are in line with regulatory requirements and the company corporate standards.


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