Women for women

by Katharina Gittsovich in — March 2021
Here it is once again: The International Women's Day on March, 8th! For this special day, we have some inspiring quotes for you - of course from the women in our Talentor network.

For more than a century now (first gathering was hold in 1911), The International Women's Day on March, 8th celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The International Women's Day also reminds to stand in for gender parity.

At Talentor, we asked our strong and successful women for an advice they would give future female leaders out there how to be successful in the working life.

Agata Anča, Partner and Senior Consultant

Talentor Latvia

"Be curious, charm with your self-awareness, put a passion in what you do, do things for others… as at the end of the day all that matters is a footstep you left and to whom you shared it!"

Emp Lv Agata Anca 400Px

Barbara Ulman, Managing Director

Talentor Austria

"Take yourself seriously when you are serious. Belittling, downplaying, degrading yourself is not an option. And if someone tries to make you feel insecure, don't let anyone get away with it."

Barbara Ulman blog

Denise Stuker, Operations Director

Talentor Switzerland / Coopers Group AG Basel

"Never be afraid to change your mind. It sometimes takes a lot of courage to say: «I was wrong.» In the end I’m conviced that it shows much more strengh to do so than to stick with our first idea. Self-reflection is key and helps us to continously improve and to become the best version of ourselves."

EMP Denise Stuker Switzerland

Gertraud Eregger, Partner Acquisition

Talentor International

"Growing as a person, leader and woman at work & at home always requires three ingredients: kindness to yourself, kindness to others, openness to take new roads and grace to find peace when your day feels super messy."

Gertraud eregger business sw1

Jeannine Dickie, CEO

Talentor South Africa / Hire Power SA

"When was the last time you did something for the very first time? Go on, be brave. Stand tall in your power!”

PS: My most recent “first time” happened last week when I was interviewed on air by a national radio station when I celebrated a milestone in my business history – Hire Power (Talentor South Africa partner) turned 21 years old on 7 Feb. 2021! 😉

Jeannine dickie

Katalin Panayotopoulos-Antal, COO/Recruitment Consultant

Talentor Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We are strongest when we cheer each other on.” Serena Williams

Emp-Hu-Katalin Antal Panayotopoulos

Karin Lundmark, COO/Recruitment Consultant

Talentor Sweden AB

”Follow your own truth of what you want to achieve in your life and career. To do so you might have to show up in ways you never have before and use abilities you didn’t know you had. Some people will cheer you on and others will not. Trust in your inner capability to handle any situation you will face and follow advice from others who have achieved similar goals as you have set for yourself.”

Emp Se Karin Lundmark

Nicki Denholm, CEO

Talentor UK - Scotland / Denholm Associates Ltd.

"Remember that we all feel fear and doubt ourselves, but growth definitely happens on the other side of your comfort zone. So when you have that moment of not feeling sure you can do something – always choose to push through. That’s when you really grow, both in business and importantly as a person too."

Emp Uk Nicki Denholm

Sabine Steiner, COO

Talentor International

Dear young women out there, here is my advice for a successful and satisfying (work) life:

  1. Learn as much as you can. Never stop with your education.
  2. Trust yourself and be confident. Do not let anybody tell you “You can´t do this”.
  3. Leave your comfort zone from time to time. Take a calculable risk. It will open new doors.
  4. Do what you love and love what you do. If you do not have passion for the things you do in life, you will never get the best results!
  5. Celebrate successes with the people you love, share your achievements with others!