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Becoming truly digital is difficult. Not just the exterior of a business has to be digital, but also the inside: strategy, IT-systems, culture, processes, HR-policy.

Innovation isn’t born in an isolated department. Every fiber of the organization must change and move from doing digital to being digital.

Whether technology and the internet are a threat to business or a catalyst for change is pressing concern for boards and CEOs. Great leaders build great leadership teams and, in turn, great employee teams. Businesses with great leaders have a distinctive edge for surviving and thriving in this fast-paced environment.

Partnering with Leading Digital Innovators

In the Talentor network, we share experiences in the digital world. Talentor executive search knows how and where to recruit top digital leaders. We work closely with some of the most influential digital leaders in different industries, and thus have insights into what is needed to manage digital transformation successfully with the right people .

To demonstrate our expertise, we have listed some positions we have successfully placed in the past. We have divided these roles into four different areas:

  • IT & Development
  • Marketing & Media
  • Industry & Manufacturing
  • Financial Services

Our experience and projects

Executive Positions:
Chief Data Officers , Chief Digital Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Digital Boards, Digital Marketing Officers, Account Manager – Customer Service B2B, Online Marketing Manager - Digital Advertising, Specialists for Production Engineering - Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things / Smart Factory
Frequent Required Skills:
Smart Manufacturing, Data Analytics, scripting languages, E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Mobile Apps and Mobile UX, Background in Security, ideally Data Privacy/Protection topics
Industry, Publishing, Marketing Agencies, Consulting Companies
Pioneers in Italy


Giovanna Marena, one of the partners at Keystone has established a "sub"-brand for digital projects and profiles. K-digital is the first firm in Italy specialized exclusively on research and assessment of digital talents. They know where to find digitals, how to evaluate and to work with them because everyone has lived and is still living this digital transformation. 

The team, specialized on digital skills, focuses on: Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Business intelligence, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, e-commerce, Digital Start up

Kdigital Logo
Digital force in France

Digital Lab MacAnders

Christophe Morel D'Arleux Head of Digital and IT practice At MacAnders offers a particular expertise on the hunting of profiles in IT and telecoms, customer relations as well as sales and marketing. More and more these profiles are becoming digital. MacAnders launched a Digital Lab in March 2017 to cover the increasing needs of the clients.

Christophe Morel D Arleux 1024 768X768
Head of Digital Group in Austria

epunkt - Talentor Austria

Harald Krassnitzer worked in sales and marketing at Hewlett Packard and was also responsible for projects within the European team. In the past years he was working in digital agencies. His main focus and competences are: consulting in digital projects, new business and business development, digital project management, projects in digital transformation.

Harald Krassnitzer 260
Digital expertise in Germany

Talentor Germany

Jochen Markgraf is part of a Digital Association in Frankfurt that is working on different aspects of digitalisation. Experts from different areas like automation of data centers, digital strategy consulting, online marketing or logistics are sharing their experiences and best practice for creating a successful future workforce.

Emp De Jochen Markgraf1
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