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How much does an unfilled position cost?

Unfilled positions are a costly matter! On average, an unfilled position costs an employer 29,000 Euro. With varying degrees of success, the topic of a shortage of skilled labor has been discussed for decades. A solution to the situation, however, is currently being sought in vain. Instead, the…

Talentor Talk - Talent and Retention Management

We are thrilled to welcome Yoni Szpiro, founder of Generations Recruitment, our local Partner in Belgium, to our third Talentor Talk about Talent and Retention Management. Yoni has 22 years of experience in recruiting and founded his company in 2009 with the ambition of changing the perception of…

The Practical Optimist, Ken Schmitt - Book Launch

The World Has Changed Enormously. Has Your Leadership?No one will dispute these are turbulent and troubled times, times when "business as usual" no longer seems like a viable attitude. So, just how do you cope with a world that often seems to be spinning out of control - especially when your…
Gertraud Eregger —
January 2023

Talentor Talk - Recruiting different Generations

We gladly welcome Jan-Philipp Schwarz, Business Manager at Coopers Group and our Talentor Partner in Switzerland, as well as Iris Rogmans, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Independent Recruiters, to our Talentor Talk Stage. Iris and Jan-Philipp have a combined total of more than 21 years of…
Gertraud Eregger —
January 2023

Radically inspiring: new approaches to create your new year’s resolutions this year!

If 2023 was given a hashtag, what would it be? A recent LinkedIn Post by the Chief Editor, Antonia Götsch, of the Havard Business Manager inspired us to ask this question in our final Talentor partner call of the year. Our year was: #rollercoaster, #toughcandidates, #extremelyfast,…
What are the major trends and challenges in HR? How strongly are the companies affected? And what measures should be taken? International HR experts and Talentor partners from around the globe investigated these questions in the Talentor Future Lab 2022.
Külli Gutmann —
December 2022

Challenges and perspectives of HR in 2023

More than 230 participants* from 41 countries attended the live Webinar themed "Ready for tomorrow: Talent Strategies for 2023." We covered a wide range of best practices on our worldwide panel, including those pertaining to HR-Strategies 2023, Recruiting, Retention Management, NewWork, Diversity,…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
November 2022

Generation Z – The future is all yours!

Who is Gen Z? How do they think, feel and act in our world? What is their impact? What do they rebel for? How can employees understand the youngest generation in the job market? Gen Z, also called Post-Millenials is THE hope for today´s job market. We feel the loss of huge numbers of people across…
Gertraud Eregger —
November 2022

Millennials – our managers of today and tomorrow

The ambiguous Generation Y – leaders who are self-assured, prospering, or who are advancing in their careers. Having it all together from the outside, while internally constantly attempting to maximize purpose, impact, and time. Time being the scarcest resource.
Gertraud Eregger —
November 2022

HR & New Work – smart, flexible, and still in fixing mode?

On Day 1 of the Talentor Summit in Rome, we’ve had the pleasure to welcome a diverse team of global HR leaders based in Italy to discuss their daily challenges and we discussed what it takes today to find, motivate, and develop top talent.

Quiet Quitting: Is "duty by the book" about to replace the extra mile?

Not to quit, but to work 'only' as much as is demanded: Quiet Quitting is making big waves as a Tiktok phenomenon in the United States. Should we worry about that too? Are quiet quitters on the rise? And what can, should, or must companies do to motivate them again?
Sabine Steiner —
October 2022

Introducing our new partner Carrington Associates in Australia

We are thrilled to introduce our new partner in Australia Carrington Associates. Get to know our new partner in this interview with Managing Partner Sachin Khisti.