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How to Keep up Your Employee and Business Wellbeing during Covid-19 | Part 1

Our two colleagues from Talentor Latvia have identified 9 engagement activities that will not only boost employee engagement, but also support long-term business goals.

“We Need to Talk” – 6 Reasons Why You Should Conduct Exit Interviews

When you hear “we need to talk”, you probably know what is coming. A discussion that is a prelude to serious change is about to begin. It’s the first thing that should spring to mind for an HR manager within the scope of exit management once a termination has been announced. Here we reveal 6…
Denise Stuker —
April 2021

Coopers - Interview with Business Manager Life Sciences, Saad Bendadi

Today we get to share some insights from our Business Manager Life Sciences – Saad Bendadi. Saad has been a part of the Coopers family for 2,5 years and works in our Nyon office. He is our expert in life sciences recruiting and we talked over the phone to discuss current and future topics of the…
Sabine Steiner —
April 2021

Generation Z in the workplace

Over the last few years, I’ve observed a great wave of interest in generation theory. It’s discussed everywhere: What values do generations have and how they influence on their lifes? How to sell to different generations? What impacts their demand? What is their motivation?
Video tools take a toll on both kinds of personalities - sometimes in surprising ways.
Ken Schmitt —
March 2021

Leadership Challenges: How to Succeed in the Critical First 90 Days

Every new leader knows how critical the first 90 days are. Building rapport and creating a ‘team’ mentality, evaluating current procedures and processes, all while trying to remember everyone’s name can be a lot to take on in those initial months.
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
March 2021

European Cooperation: Spain and Germany Conduct an Executive Search Process Together within Talentor International

Recently at Servitalent, as Talentor Spain, we had the opportunity to collaborate closely and pleasantly with one of our partners in the network of headhunters Talentor International, Talentor Germany.We had a long conversation with Gerhard Stahler, CEO of Talentor Germany and discussed the…

Women for women

Here it is once again: The International Women's Day on March, 8th! For this special day, we have some inspiring quotes for you - of course from the women in our Talentor network.

Exciting Opportunities Await: Introducing MCS Selection, Our Partner in Italy

Get the scoop on the unique challenges and exciting opportunities arising in Italy in this interview with Gianluca Gioia, CEO of MCS Selection, our Talentor partner in Italy.
2020 was a year full of insecurity, constant change, and new challenges. We’ve uncovered what 2021 is expected to bring.
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
February 2021

The collaborative experience between Spain and the USA within Talentor International

A Spanish industrial company, leader in its sector with international subsidiaries, wanted to boost its market development in the USA. Talentor Spain (Servitalent) made an interesting interview with Ken Schmitt, CEO and Founder of Talentor’s american partner, TurningPoint Executive Search, about…
Sabine Steiner —
December 2020

We Are ISO Certified!

After many months of hard work, we are very happy to announce that Talentor International has been successfully ISO 9001 certified.